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Sunday, May 17, 2009

{buon journo}

So it is May. Hello, May! Oh, wait - it is the middle of May... Oh, wait - I haven't blogged in over a month... Oh....

Well, I could rattle off a list of excuses a mile long, but I will spare you! LOL Let's just say I have been busy. :0)

Who is on facebook? I am! (picture me - jumping up and down - waving my arms madly at you - and picture you - laughing) :) All my facebook friends know what has been happening in my world. Jeremy and I went on an amazing trip to Rome and Dublin a couple of weeks ago and it was over the top fabulous! We had an amazzzzzzzzzzing time and I know that there are
SEVERAL people blog stalking, and due the overwhelming chatter in my ear demanding a blog post, I decided I needed to oblige! :)

There are so many client images for me to share and I can't wait to share them - wedding season is in full force and the stuff that I have to share is sooooooo FABULOUS! - but for now, I am going to devote the next few posts to our trip. I am breaking them up because, well, I am not done with them yet! LOL I am sneaking in working on them when I can, so I will post some and then will post a slideshow when they are complete. :)

Here we go...
We'll start with one of my favorites - my handsome hubby and I together in Dublin. This was taken by our friend Julie on a tour of Wicklow. It was soooo beautiful there!
THE door in Dublin that U2 went in and out of - it IS a fabulous door, don't you think?
I personally think this needs to be a huge canvas in my house - I LOVE IT! This was on top of a castle in Rome overlooking Vatican City - and when you are on top of a castle what else would you do?
We had a great time in ancient Rome - the colosseum was incredible
You know Waldo, right? Like as in can you find Waldo? Well, this is a Moore version... can you find Zander? He is my 4 year old, and no, he didn't go to Rome, but yes, he is in this image. LOL
This is one of our favorites from our trip. The lighting, the moment, all of it - awesome!
A closer shot - equally fabulous
Oh my gravy I big puffy heart this! Jeremy walked up first and all I saw was sky and started to freak out thinking he was going off an edge - so of course we had to play :)
A gorgeous coastline shot in Dublin
At the top of a cliff in Wicklow. This was CRAZY windy!!!!! It was so gorgeous and if you like the movie P.S. I love you - it was filmed where we were. :)
In Glendalough - I found this crazy spot of trees. I would have LOVED to have had some people there to throw in the shot - it was an amazing location.
The 2 of us going to dinner at a castle in Dublin - it was haunted - more on that in another post
the outside of the castle - it was incredible
another shot that i love
what happens when you send me to Europe without kids? i guess i start to meditate in little nooks and crannies in 1900 year old buildings... nice... (jeremy's idea, by the way - and when we finished there was this group of people so excited to do the same thing - LOL)
i wish the scale of this would translate in an image, but sadly it doesn't - you will just have to go to Rome yourself and see it - it is amazing! :)
a shot from the colosseum that we love
More of ancient rome
a little different take on the same idea...
I'll leave you with this shot of the trevi fountain in Rome. We made sure to throw lots of coins in with lots of wishes -

Ok so that is the first of many to come. I promise to post more soon. ;)

peace, love and fabulous



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Love the pictures!!! It all looks so FABULOUS!! Looking forward to seeing the rest!! xoxo Jenn

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