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Monday, October 12, 2009


for the better!

*this blog is now closed. no other posts will be made. please bookmark the new site.*

Come join me on the other side!!!

Peace, Love and Fabulous


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

{tardy pass}

ok so I am a bit late... I guess I could say I have been in denial that it is October! I cannot BELIEVE that we are already getting Halloween costumes together, that football has been in full effect and that I am even seeing a HINT of Christmas decorations. I am in shock!

I am behind in getting my holiday calendar out, and wanted to make it official on here - I am going to be doing some of the usual and then add in there some new fun stuff - there are some changes though that I need to address.

I have created a new pricing model that I am really excited about. It is a hybrid of sorts that will incorporate both digital collections as well as prints like I have always done. I have had countless requests over the years to offer digital files and so I decided that it was time. You will find the link to the guide at the end of this post and if you have any questions about any of it, please feel free to email me.

FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ALREADY SCHEDULED - you will refer to the pricing that was in effect when you scheduled your session. :)

The other thing to be aware of is that for the special holiday sessions that are listed below, you will go by the pricing as if you purchased a collection. So the wall and desk portraits will be 50% off, etc.


Sunday the 18th - Dallas State Fair
this will be SOOOOOO fabulous!
*350 goes totally toward your print purchase - no session fee*

Sunday the 25th - Woodlands mini sessions
Locations include East Shore as well as Market street.
*$350 goes totally toward your print purchase - no session fee*

Friday the 30th - Halloween Canned Food Drive
*bring 5 canned goods and receive a 10 minute session and a complimentary 5x7*


Sunday the 8th - (Kingwood) Portraits in the Park / Monkeys on a bed mini sessions
We're pullin a bed out into the woods for some fun jumpin for the kiddos after we finish with all the good portraits in the park for mom and dad - this is sure to be sooooooooo fabulous!!!!! Holiday pjs, favorite stuffed animals - it all goes!
*350 goes totally toward your print purchase - no session fee*

Tuesday the 10th - spillover date for (Kingwood) Portraits in the Park / Monkeys on a bed mini sessions
*350 goes totally toward your print purchase - no session fee*

Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th - Galveston and the Strand
Limited sessions will be available - perfect time to go down to do beach shots when hardly anyone is there.
*$425 includes 50 double sided holiday cards and a $200 print or collection credit*

Sunday the 22nd - Austin mini sessions or possibly another date in Kingwood - depending on Austin interest
*$500 for all images on disc*


Saturday the 5th - Dallas mini sessions
*$500 for all images on disc*

*Mini sessions will be up to 30 minutes in length and will include around 20 images to choose from*

All print pricing will refer to the pricing effective October 1st. That can be found at

Notice that after November 22nd, the mini sessions are for the disc only. Cards can be purchased from these sessions but no custom designs will be available.

I will be accepting full sessions until November 22nd. The only exception will be newborns or maternity sessions for the month of December and the first half of January. The studio will be closed from December 18th until January 18th. No orders will be placed during this time.

ALL print and card orders that need to be ready by December 17th MUST be placed NO LATER than December 3rd. ALL book orders that need to be ready by December 17th MUST be placed NO LATER than November 23rd.

Ok I know that is so much information, but it is all good important stuff. To break it down a bit more -

October is completely booked
November has 15 full sessions open - 1 Saturday and 2 Sundays are the only weekend days left that have any openings

And because I can't post without some shots... take a peek at some of my fabulous senior reps for the graduating class of 2010!!!!!

Many many more of these 4 gorgeous seniors to come along with 2 other gorgeous senior reps!

Peace, Love and Fabulous

Lindsay :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

{coming soon.....}

Oh I have so many things up my sleeve at the current moment my sleeve is just about to bust!

School starts on Monday, as many of you know, and with the school year is going to come lots of new fabulous things around here. This is the first year I will have ALL 4 in school somewhere!!!!! WOOHOO! (but then i get sad.... go ahead and say it like most of you have already to me - time for another one LOL) and NO that is not what I have up my sleeve....

Here is just a little teensy tiny look at what I have in store... let's just say there are some fabulous family occasions coming to a photographer *eh hem* near you. :)

I'm gonna knock your socks off here soon! Just you stay tuned and see!!!!! It is fabulous fabulous and then some more fabulous!!!!! :)

*OH!* if you are brave enough to go get your war gear on and swim through the crowds this weekend - I will be at the Woodlands mall at their kids fest! My booth is right by the elevator by JCPenney - be sure to stop by! :)

peace love and (yes) fabulous

lindsay :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{leave a message after the beep....}

We're headin out on vacation!

I will be soaking up lots of time with my family until August 11th. I will have access to voicemail and email, but it will be limited.

Stay up to date with what we are doing by following me on twitter! I will tweet all the way!!!

This time last year guess where we were?!??! I expect to have some new fabulous ones to share!!! (along with quite a ginormous amount of fabulous client posts!!!!)

Until then my fabulous friends,

Peace, love and fabulous!


Friday, July 03, 2009

{Happy 4th!}

Hope it is fabulous for you and yours!!! Just a quick post in the spirit of the day... It is wedding season, so the crickets are chirping quite loudly on here! But rest assured that as soon as I slow down a bit (ha!) I will have some overly fabulous stuff to show you all!!!!! :)

I L O V E sparklers!!!!! This wedding was so overly fabulous - I cannot wait to blog this one... soon!
What better way to end a fabulous night than with a fireworks show?!?! I can't wait to share this one either!!!
and speaking of holidays... i am thinking about this holiday season... are you?!?! it is about time to start planning... oh my!

Peace, love and fabulous

lindsay :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

{lost and somewhat confused}

About my blog, that is!  I have totally lost track of who I have blogged, who I haven't - these past few months are a b l u r to me...  So I thought I would pick a senior that I had sooooo much fun with!  I think I will just have to do another update of the site, because there is no way in the world I will be able to catch up on here.  So go browse there sometime when you are having your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy some good fabulosity!  :)  

On another note, it is officially summer around here!  All kids home and currently keeping themselves very happy with the wii - thus the blog post.  :)  So, I will be working this summer, but will not be working as much so I can spend lots of time with my cuties. (they can't play video games all the time, right?!?!)  If you want to book for the summer, I have some availability, but not much, so get with me soon.

Here we go...  *as I was uploading these my kiddos have decided the wii is not what they want to do and are now begging me to watch their talent show - how can I turn down THAT invitation?!?!  - so no words today... just fab images of this beauty!*

peace, love and fabulous

lindsay  :0)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{I love love}

I L O V E weddings - like as in big puffy heart them - they are so my thang!  :)  (ok i am a texan - i might not ride a horse but i can certainly pull off a texas draw when i need to!  LOL)

And my weekends have been consumed with them lately!  I am in the height of wedding season, and while the day after may not exactly be a cakewalk (especially when i think i am super woman and schedule multiple sessions the next day - um yeah - talk about tired) - the day of is such an adrenaline rush and I just love it!  

I am going to try to blog a slideshow of each of them, but for now, this is one I just got up online this past weekend.  I couldn't help but smile while I was editing these images.  The bride and groom are so in love and were so full of excitement - makes my job so easy!  :)  

I'll share a few images, too, for those of you that might be checking on an iphone or somethin like that so you won't feel totally left out.  :)

Here we go...  *this kind of got a bit out of control - what started out as a simple slideshow post turned into a beast of one.  :)   I don't suppose anyone will mind much *
i love it when we get to go jump on beds!  :)
lindsay "so, Jeremy - peppers or strawberries"
jeremy "both!"
the result - brilliant
ice on ice - L O V E it!
such a well dressed, gorgeous wedding party!!!
STORM the camera!  LOL
inside the limo is always a good spot!
right after the ceremony... i adore the looks on their faces
and here - look how excited they are - *sigh*
it doesn't get much better than this shot - FABULOUS
this is one of my all time favorites!  
this is why i do what i do - to capture moments like this - seriously - i love my job

i love me some fish eye
cutie pie
right before getting ready to walk down the aisle - i love these moments
a nice relaxed groom :)
one of the bridals that i have been SOOOOOO wanting to share!
what a nice spot for a gorgeous gown
um hello this is stunning
anyone that will climb up on a china cabinet is golden in my world!!!
i big puffy heart this ceiling in this location - it is fabulous
:)  :)  :)
and the perfect one to end with - a fabulous favorite
and now the slideshow that i promised... for some reason i cannot embed the code, so i am going to post this link - just click on it and it will take you to the perfect place you need to be in to check it out!  :)

peace love and fabulous