FAB - OH! Fabulous Occasions Photography by Houston Photographer Lindsay Moore: April 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Bermuda 2008}
So that vacation I mentioned... well it happened to be to Bermuda.   It was FABULOUS!!!  I was going to post some fab 08 seniors, but I have been getting so many questions about the trip that I decided to bump this post up a bit - didn't figure anyone would mind too much.  
A little info on the trip...  no, Jeremy has not quit his job!  LOL  I didn't realize that I made it sound that way, but I have had a bunch of you who have thought that and I wanted to clarify that little bit of info.  He, in fact, is a VP of sales for a fabulous company that just happened to have their president's club in Bermuda!  (see where this is going?)  So, the two of us, along with 10 other incredible couples enjoyed the relaxing Bermuda air last week.  It was so much fun to be able to actually take it all in with my favorite person and not have to worry about anyone else!  I missed all of my children terribly, but it was nice to have some time away.  And time away makes coming home to them all SO great!
Now on to the pictures!  I put together a slideshow below, but wanted to pull a few of my favorites...  
one of the two of us...together... in the same frame!
These are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet!  They are pretty much family to us... look at how crazy my hair was!  We were on a catamaran cruise around the island and it was a bit windy!
Hands down, my absolute favorite image of the entire trip
Jeremy and I found this crazy beautiful cathedral in Hamilton.  It was amazing!
A cool mirror across from it... look!  it is both of us again!
And I think I posted last year about the lighthouse we found outside of San Fran, so when we heard there was a lighthouse within walking distance from our hotel, we had to go!
There is a lot more in the slideshow.  It was gorgeous and I highly recommend going if you ever consider it!  The pictures at the end were taken in a natural crystal cave.  It was really cool!

Have a great weekend!  I will try to check back in again within the next couple of days!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

{A fabulous surprise...}

SO...  you have all been waiting on me....  So patiently as well!  I am quite behind on my blogging - April has been insanely wonderful!!!  WOW!  What a run it has been.  In one week I photographed over 130 preschoolers, a newborn, 2 7 month olds, an 18 month old, a senior, a 2 month old, my 10 month old nephew, AND a huge wedding!  WITHIN 7 DAYS!!!!!  Ok yeah, it was wild, BUT really and truly fabulous!  I really cannot complain because this is all just so grand and I am loving it all!  Well, maybe not the sleepless nights, but those aren't so bad every now and then.  

Now, you have to know that after all of this I was beat...  I am just now getting to where I can feel my feet again.  :0)  So, imagine my surprise, when my doorbell rings and there is this nice delivery person at my door holding this...

I absolutely *big puffy heart* edible arrangements!  They are so fabulous and IN FACT I have sent out 3 within the past few weeks!  I love them!  So my mind was racing as I was trying to figure out what awesome person sent me this yummy treat...Can you read that?  This wonderful, thoughtful gift was sent to me by my fabulous clients, the Warren family.  They started coming to me 18 months ago with their precious daughter (remember that 18 month old I just photographed in my crazy week!).  Words cannot express how amazing this was to receive and how much it meant to me.  I am privileged to have so many clients that have become such good friends as well.  This truly just makes my heart sing... 

Did I mention how happy my kiddos were about this!?!?!
Now, I do have to also tell you about something else that was dropped off on my door by another fabulous client who is so much more than that.  I had the most incredibly yummy carrot cake brought to me by a girlfriend.  Oh my goodness.. that was so so good!  After I ate every last crumb I got so sad.... I didn't snap a picture!  And it was so pretty, too!  So anyway, just imagine a yummy piece of carrot cake right here....


So, after my craziness, I think it is time for a little relaxing.  I am taking the next few days off for a much needed vacation with my hubby!  I will return all emails and voicemails upon my return, Tuesday, April 22nd.  And I will have some pretty snazzy pictures to share, too! 

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!
Lindsay :0)

Friday, April 04, 2008

{On to the show}

So for this grand and glorious story...  We had the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Nathan's wedding in the Fabulous city of Las Vegas 3 weeks ago.  They are 2 photographers who decided to have a Vegas Love Story.  Celebrity Photojournalist, Bob Davis, led a group of 40 photographers as we chronicled their big day.  For those of you not familiar with Bob, you will certainly be familiar with Eva Longoria - he happened to photograph her wedding - and oh yeah he also photographs events for Oprah as well.  ;0)  He is amazing and it was a wonderful experience shooting beside him.   And don't get me started on his wife, Dawn... she is just an absolutely incredible soul.  They are an amazing couple! 

Now, I said "we" didn't I.....  well THAT happens to be a pretty big announcement!  I am absolutely thrilled to let you all know that my amazing, fabulous husband, Jeremy, has joined the Fabulous Occasions team!  Ok, so he has always been a part of it, but this time it is in a MUCH different role.  He is officially a hired gun of sorts...  and chances are if you have me photograph your wedding, he will be by my side photographing you as well!   We are both beyond excited about this opportunity and I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing, supportive partner by my side.  I always knew it was only a matter of time before this happened!  The two of us together are a pretty rockin team!

So this is a debut of sorts.  Our first official wedding together.  AND what a wedding it was!  Full of all sorts of bumps in the road, including getting LOST in the Las Vegas desert, on top of a double decker bus, right when a cold front was coming through!  Has anyone seen The Hills Have Eyes?  Ok, if you have, imagine that!  40+ people checking their phones for GPS!  On my cute little IPhone we were in the middle of NOWHERE!  No streets, no buildings, just empty... Oh yeah, and I can't leave out the truck stop that has NEVER seen as many sales in one night for harley blankets and parkas.  I am now the proud owner of a lovely harley blanket!  

BUT it also was filled with amazing, wonderful moments.  Like seeing Samantha and Nathan see each other for the very first time in the poolside area at the Bellagio.  Meeting incredible photographers from all over the globe who we will never forget.  (Long live the Oceanic 7!!!)  :0)  Shooting with David Beckstead in the Neon Graveyard.  (wow!)  Hanging out and learning from the fabulous Kenny Kim.  All of the wonderful details that Samantha paid such close attention to.  (After all, she IS a wedding photographer!) Witnessing the marriage of 2 wonderful people in one of the most beautiful places - the Valley of Fire.    

I'm telling you.. it was truly a Fabulous Occasion!

So on to the stars of the show.  

Turn on your phone and call your friends, make sure to snuggle with any crying babies, and,  oh yeah, feel free to talk as much as you want through the show - *especially when you realize you have got to get someone else to watch with you!*  This after all, is FAB-Oh!  And that is all expected here!


We hope you enjoyed the show!  Next up... Class of 2008!  

Have a great Friday night!!!