FAB - OH! Fabulous Occasions Photography by Houston Photographer Lindsay Moore: April 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

{trees, traffic, totally hot}

One of my very favorite fabulous brides and her fiance flew back to Houston for their engagement session last week.  





Seriously - I had such a blast I just cannot even tell you...  It was so much fun and we were accompanied by two of the most fabulous wardrobe and tree climbing assistants ever!  :)  

I promised that I would have a sneak peek up before the weekend for them and I am following through with that promise!  I might have to come back and post a slideshow of all of them at a later date - they are rad - yes I said rad - I did grow up in the 80s!  (well kinda) LOL

OK here we go...
Nothing like a fabulous chandelier, a gorgeous couple and pink back lighting!
I love it in black and white as well actually...
LOVE this series
I have a serious fascination with bamboo - I adore it in these images and are they not just the most wonderful couple?!?!
They climbed a tree for me... BOTH of them...  *sigh*
I big puffy heart this - it is so fabulously random it is greatness
eh hem love it
nothing better than risking life and limb for the perfect shot...  :)
There are SO many more, but that will have to be all for now.  :)  I will be checking in when I can - my calendar is booked beyond solid right now.  (this is a good thing!)  I have so many amazing things to share!!!  I'll be back soon...

peace love and fabulous