FAB - OH! Fabulous Occasions Photography by Houston Photographer Lindsay Moore: October 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{peace out...}

Continuing on with our "twosome tuesday", I thought this was quite appropriate! Twin girls!! And not just any twin girls, the cutest little things ever!!! Oh I had so much fun with their sweet mommy! Enjoy...

she figured it out... if i hold onto this fun little thing they won't take it out of my mouth!  smart little girl...
hee hee hee!  twin kisses
see, told you they were cute!
*CAUTION*  the next image will make you want another one!!!
TOLD YOU!!!  *sigh*

a girl after my own heart... peace, baby!
oh i do love new baby eye contact!
and new baby snuggles too!
who are we kidding, i love them ALL!
*sigh* especially this one

Could another post be around the corner?  hmmmmmm  check back!

peace love and fabulous

{tuesday twosome}

Two fabulous families for now that i *big puffy* heart.....
love this!  everyone is so happy!
super sweet...
this little guy is getting to be such the little man!
they are both cute as can be!!
i love it when i get to see this crew!
their back yard made the perfect backdrop!
More later today!  :0)  

Have you scheduled your session yet?  I have some spots still open in November, but they are going fast!!!  A December weekend will be announced next week, but I am missing the image I want for it!  So, stay tuned!!!  :0)

peace love and fabulous

{the first one says "oh my it's getting late!"}

...5 little pumpkins....  do you know the one?  My 3 year old is learning the 5 little pumpkins verse and I just love it!  It is my third time now to recite it over - and over - and over again - and it just doesn't get old.  ahhhhh... it is fall!

Thought I would pop on and blog a bit to break up the editing frenzy that is happening!  

The canned food drive was SO AWESOME!!!!  I cannot wait to share all the little witches, monsters, firemen, princesses, astronauts ~ and the list goes on ~ that came through my door!  I have a PILE of food to take to the food bank and cannot wait to load up the kids and take it over!  We filled up all the spots and even had to turn some away, so watch for it again next year!  

Now, let's jump in to some really really fabulous stuff...

first off, one of my favorite little girls... that belongs to one of my favorite families! she was just a few days old when she first came to see me, now she is 2!  i can hardly believe it...
and she is cute as can be!!!!
i love her expression here
and here!
oh but my favorite...
another baby planner!  we always have SUCH a good time!  i could talk to his mommy forever... this shot just makes me smile
we had a little fun that day with some hats!
hee hee hee!  TOO CUTE!!!
oh my gosh... next up - a most super fabulous newborn session!
yes, friends, she is on a harley
I SERIOUSLY need an outtake with this shot of all of us making it happen... LOVE LOVE IT 
snuggled up with a sweet angel grin
gotta love those eyes and especially at such a teensy age!
so sweet
now onto a 1 year old!  
these next 2 are kinda backwards - and I am SLEEPY - so just scroll back up!  LOL  he just learned to walk so I just love these together!

sidewalk chalk is just fabulous
so is this...
he seriously has the most gorgeous eye lashes I have EVER seen!  and my kids have gorgeous eye lashes, but HIS were AMAZING!!!
oh love it!
oh love this one too!  gotta love overalls on little boys...
*grin* one final cutie pie smile!
That was fun!  Now back to editing...  before I turn into a pumpkin!!!  :0)

peace, love and fabulous


Monday, October 20, 2008


My brain is just kind of jello right now, so I will have a jello-like post.... one of those that is not quite solid, quite jiggly, and full of lots of fun!  LOL  stay with me here...

So, we are in full swing of this amazing season.  I am really really jazzed about all of the awesome stuff going on.  So many great images to share as well as other fun stuff, so I am pledging to blog more often!  The next few months are going to be filled with so many great things - I can't wait to share them all!

First off, this announcement is long overdue, but so so many of you know already that I have a new studio!  WOOHOOO!!!!  It is so so so fabulous and I wish I could share some images, but I don't have it all ready JUST yet.  You know that 2 week period, yeah, you know the one... THAT was supposed to be when it was all getting the finishing touches put on - it was going to be somewhat of a calm before the storm, right before crazy busy became normal - well it happened to be a storm!  So, things have gotten put on the back burner a bit as we are fully entrenched in CRAZY!  LOL  :0)  Lovin' every minute of it, though!

So, images will be following, as well as some great events we will have going on.  The first is our Halloween canned food drive, which I have actually added more spots to due to the awesome response!  So, if you or anyone you know would like to participate in this, call me!  

Now, onto some fabulous sessions to share...
I just love this family!  Remember the ones I thought belonged in a gap ad?  Here they are 5 months later...
she is the cutest little thing ever!
once again... belongs in an ad  :0)
i love this next series of 3... these boys were the BEST!  seriously... super easy to work with!!!

and all 3 cute as can be!
makes me want another...  so so fabulous...  remember the shot i shared of her belly wrapped?  how fun to have both side by side...
then reality sets in!   this is priceless  :0)
oh i love this mommy and her baby boy!
although, he isn't much of a baby anymore!
another one of my favorite little boys... he came to see me first at 9 months, and now... he is 3!!!  HOW did that happen?!?!?
He was quite the ham that day!  He loved my new couch.  :0)
and of course, in honor of the great football from this past weekend....  the newest little Longhorn (and sporting a texas sized bow, i might add! LOVE it!)
oh wait!  she might just be the newest Aggie!  gotta love those split houses.  :0)  hee hee hee!  
That is all for now.  Lots more to share... check back soon!

peace, love and fabulous