FAB - OH! Fabulous Occasions Photography by Houston Photographer Lindsay Moore: October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I still have 23 minutes left in Halloween! So... TRICK OR TREAT!!!

And yes, I am behind. I admit it. I am trying to not be, and I appologize to all of you who are waiting on me! I know all the moms out there will understand... this week was FILLED with mommy duties! If you are feverishly putting in your password every hour to check if your proofs are up, do not worry! I will be sending you an email very soon that they are live.

I hope everyone had a wonderful night! We had a blast!

I'll be back soon with lots and lots of fun stuff!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I know I am not alone in being totally jazzed about the weather we have been having here in Kingwood! It is GORGEOUS!!! I had an insane amount of outdoor sessions this past weekend, and the weather was the best!!! 75 and sunny... who could ask for anything more! Ok so there may be a few other things, but I am NOT going to be picky! Portraits in the Park are next weekend... let's just visualize this weather sticking around! Right? Right!

So no really fancy schmancy post today, just really wanted to jump on for a sec... last year I let this fizzle out over the fall season, so I am trying my hardest to not do that this year. I have over a dozen sessions still to edit from this past week, but wanted to share just a few to keep things rollin on fab-oh! Here are a few recent fun ones...

One of my favorite little girls!

Halloween is right around the corner!!! Good thing she didn't know that those fun colorful balls were gumballs!

A super fun family I met here recently! The ducks were very friendly that day!!!

Another one of my favorite little girls! *sigh* Miss "A" just turned one! Oh it went by way too fast... she was the perfect model for this awesome tutu! A fabulous client of mine, who I am also proud to call a friend, has started her own line of tutus! They are amazing and you are going to have to have one for your little girls! Watch for more info about them here on my blog soon!

And an oh so perfect, fabulous belly! Wow... isn't life just amazing.

I MUST run now, but will be back soon! I promise to keep this updated for all my faithful blog followers! Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!! Get out and enjoy the weather!

Hug your babies... (even the grown ones!)
Lindsay :0)

P.S. HI CHRIS!!!!! :0) :0) :0) Big hugs!

Friday, October 12, 2007

{2 Silly Girls}

This session was such a blast. These 2 girls kept me on my toes! They had, I think, the biggest assortment of funny faces EVER! I LOVED IT! I had to go through and grab a few to share with mom and dad before they see all of them! The rest are on their way.. but here are a few that I wanted to share!
SUCH a sweet family!

Now who said being silly is a bad thing!?!? She is SO cute!!!

But then... every once in a while... I would get something like this... I LOVE these shots. So many people love smiles, or think it isn't perfect if they aren't smiling... now don't get me wrong, I love a big toothy grin! but it is sometimes the exact opposite. Often you will catch me begging them NOT to smile... because then you get this...

But then again I love big happy smiley faces!

OR silly ones!

at this point I had SO many fun things in my camera! these girls imaginations were going wild and they were studying the inside of my lens! PERFECT!

That was fun! You know what would be awesome... a silly faces session! One where you have every silly crazy face you can think of! Then make a big ol stinkin collage with all the great expressions! What better way to celebrate all the greatness of childhood!? Now THERE is a FABULOUS idea! Imagine how priceless that would be when your kiddos are teenagers and are oh... so... serious... Ok I'm doin it! Who wants to join me!?!? :0)

Enjoy your weekends!

Friday, October 05, 2007

{camera therapy}

You have to love it when you find the perfect thing that makes everything just really good! For me, when I really need a break, I always think of getting my camera and one of my kids... now it is true after all is said and done I need a break AFTER this as well. So many of you have heard me talk about how difficult my own children can be to take pictures of. But you see, I still am in that window where my baby will let me get away with it! So... I thought I would share with you all one of the things that makes me happy!

Latte anyone!??!? :0)

I love these... so dreamy and my goodness, he has the most gorgeous, deep, amazing eyes ever! If you can believe it, I did NOTHING extra to his eyes! They are such a rich blue...

So that is all for now! Just a little fun post to share a happy moment with all of you!

I will be posting some new Holiday cards within the next few days! They are FABULOUS!!!!!!

Now go do something that makes you really happy!