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Friday, November 21, 2008


One year... it seems like such a long time, but then when you turn around and look back - it - is - just - gone.  A year goes by in the blink of an eye.  I see mommies coming in with their gorgeous pregnant bellies, then in no time at all they have a beautiful little new baby to bring to me... (2 within the next few days, too!  FUN!!! - have i told you i love newborns?)
THEN we turn around and these new babies are having their first birthday.... it just isn't fair - can someone please slow down the clock?  please????

Here are a couple of 1 year old cuties that I got to see recently...
this one just has to make you grin...
big sis got in on the action!
oh i love this one - so sweet
now i big puffy heart this image... can't you just hear him?  i do have to say it makes me sad for him that he is so sad, but i happen to know that a hat will do him no harm, so we can smile at his frustration because it is so darn cute
this one makes me giggle
SUCH a great family!
his parents have an amazing sense of style!
and he is a fabulous little handsome guy!
that is all for now - if someone figures out how to slow things down, let me know... i could use it right about now!  :0)

peace love and fabulous my friends



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